by Patrick Jacquelin

I was inspired and moved by listening to Khyentse Foundation members’ and guests’ discussions on the future of the foundation in Bodh Gaya last month.  I came away with two separate but related thoughts.

For myself (and I assume that many in the Sangha are like me) the penny dropped for the first time: namely, that Khyentse Foundation is the expression of Rinpoche’s activities.  Before, I had seen it as just some other part of what Rinpoche does, but I now realise that his activities have grown so much, that he needs a vehicle to channel these activities, and that vehicle is Khyentse Foundation.

The second thought was the lack of an overt “culture of giving” in the Sangha.  Most of us so-called ” students” flatter ourselves that we have a strong “personal” relationship with Rinpoche and that we can support him in our “own” way.  Are we not missing the point, that our connection to him, should also be a connection to his broader activities?  Should we not as a consequence, feel  it incumbent upon ourselves to be associated with these activities and creating a link with KF’s activities (let’s not even start talking about accumulating merit).  Finally, a sub-point – I really don’t think that it is about how much one gives – it could be a few pounds a year – it is about a conscious act of relating with Rinpoche’s activities –  thus creating a culture of giving.