Excerpt from an interview with Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche in California, August 2011

Keeping in mind that not everything we plan comes true, we can make our plan visionary and far sighted. It never stops fascinating me that when New York City was first planned, they allocated hundreds of acres of land for Central Park. Such a visionary and non-limiting mentality. And when you go to New York City now, you can see that plan has paid off.

One of our far-sighted plans is to establish chairs of Buddhist studies at universities in countries with a Buddhist tradition like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia, and in nontraditional countries like Bulgaria, Poland, and Hungary.

We also need to think in terms of establishing respectable children’s schools with Buddhist-based curricula in the hope that one day there might be a U.S. senator who doesn’t have to hide the fact that he or she is a practicing Buddhist. Or perhaps it will be a premier of China or a CEO of General Motors who accepts Buddhist values. I believe it will have a little bit of impact on the world toward its peace and prosperity, and in doing so, tackle excessive greed that destroys the earth. As a religion, Buddhism has a good track record — at least it has not created or planted seeds of hatred and aggression.

These are big ideas. While we don’t want to sound overly ambitious, KF must plan for US$100 million to achieve some of our objectives. Probably $100 million is even a little timid. As of June 30, 2012, Harvard and Yale had endowments of US$30.7 billion and $19.3 billion respectively; these are the institutions that are poised to make a difference in the academic world.

So at this time I feel compelled to actually encourage people to become KF supporters; even those who receive support can be supporters. And anyone can make a conscious decision to reduce the consumption of coffee, for instance, and the amount saved can go a long way to supporting Khyentse Foundation.

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