Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s newest book, Not For Happiness (Shambhala Publications, 2012), is now available as a preview eBook on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. This book is for practitioners of ngondro and contains everything you need in order to do the practice.  The eBook is a great way to get an advance look at Not For Happiness. A fully-edited print version will be available in the fall. Rinpoche has generously offered all profits from the sale of this book to Khyentse Foundation. By using this Amazon link (also accessible through our Share The Merit page), you can increase that donation, as an additional percentage of sales will be donated by Amazon. If the cover, which Rinpoche designed with the help of Vladmir Vimr, gives an indication, it will be an unusually interesting read.

“Having a map of the path that shows where each practise is headed helps me to see what each stage is preparing me for. Even the chapters that at first didn’t seem relevant to my current practise contained such great gems of teaching that they turned out to be extremely relevant and very helpful.”—Catherine Fordham

“To me, this book is like the world’s best kind of GPS! I feel that by following its guidance, even though I am not a skilful driver, I will have the confidence to drive through my Ngöndro practise—and may even end up feeling quite good about it!”—Helena Wang