Khyentse Foundation and Siddhartha’s Intent invite you to commemorate the life of Buddha Shakyamuni on Saga Dawa Duchen, the magnificent day of his birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana. We will host a global chanting of the Heart Sutra on Zoom, starting Friday, June 5, at 12:00am New Zealand Time. The chanting will begin every hour on the hour with a video from Rinpoche for a full 24 hours. Please join with the global sangha to chant together on this special, meritorious day. 
We’re gathering together to practice with the intention of pacifying the turmoil of the world at this time. Rinpoche invites you all to join this event, saying, “May we invoke love, kindness, and healing, and open our hearts for the earth.”
Everyone is encouraged to participate ANYTIME within the 24 hours period STARTING at the following times:
USA West – from 5:00am, June 4 
USA East – from 8:00am, June 4
Halifax – from 9:00am, June 4
SâoPaulo – from 9:00am, June 4
London – from 1:00pm, June 4
Berlin – from 2:00pm, June 4
NewDelhi – from 5:30pm, June 4
Bangkok – from 7:00pm, June 4
TaipeiHKChina – from 8:00pm, June 4
Sydney – from 10:00pm, June 4
Auckland – from 12 midnight, June 5
You can join the YouTube link:
Please follow this link from Siddhartha’s Intent for a copy of the Heart Sutra.