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This special issue focuses on recent developments in Khyentse Rinpoche’s activities in the land where Buddha was born a man, attained enlightenment, taught the Dharma, and died as a man.
Patron King Series Part VIII: King Harshavardhana, The Great King
Five Project Update
Inauguration of Deer Park Institute and SI India
Rinpoche’s Vision for Deer Park
Rinpoche’s New Book: What Makes You Not a Buddhist
Berkeley Approves KF Distinguished Professorship in Tibetan Buddhism
KF Taiwan Events 4 Vision for a New Nalanda
New Management Committee for Dzongsar Institute, India
A Message From the Field, Part I DzongsarInstituteClinicOpens
A Message From the Field, Part II Pema Maya’s Journal: Teaching English at Dzongsar Institute
Partnering with White Lotus: A New School in Sikkim

Summer 2006 COMMUNIQUÉ