KF Awards for Two Buddhist Studies Scholars

Qiu Zhong Yang and Pin-dar Wu, both of National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taipei, Taiwan, are the February 2014 recipients of the Khyenste Foundation Award for Excellence in Buddhist Studies. KF board members Angie Tsai and Kris Yao honored the two in a ceremony at the university on February 19.

KF board member, Angie Tsai, giving Zhong Yong Qui his KF Award for Excellence at National Chengchi University.

Qiu Zhong Yong received the award for his outstanding research on Chinese Buddhists texts. He is currently enrolled in an MA program in Chinese Literature Studies at NCCU. In the years between the completion of his BA in 2008 and the start of the MA program, Qui Zhong Yong continued his research in historical Chinese Buddhism. He has also lectured on the history of Buddhism in China.

Pin-dar Wu has a varied background in English literature, cultural studies, and Tibetan studies. He earned a BA (2005) and an MA (2010) in English language and literature from Providence University, Taiwan, as well as a teacher’s certification (2006) from the Taiwan ROC Ministry of Education.

Now in his fourth year of a PhD program in Religious Studies at NCCU, he is pursuing a unique path of study that combines his interests in English literature and Tibetan mythology and religion with a cross-cultural examination of Buddhism.

In addition to working toward his PhD, Pin-dar Wu also teaches English reading and translation in the Religious Studies Department at NCCU. He has spoken at literary and religious conferences around the world, most recently on “The Interactions of Place and Space in Myths: Mapping the Supine Demoness of Tibet” at a religious studies conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

KF board member, Kris Yao, giving student Pindar Wu his KF Award for Excellence at National Chengchi University.