December 2019


Thanks for Giving

Stories of KF’s Matching Sponsors and Monthly Donors

We should view an offering of one rupee as an example of extreme generosity. Think that this is so amazing and encourage and praise and dedicate the merit of that. Then if the next day, you have the courage to offer one million dollars, think, well, this is not really enough. This will help [you] see the dharma, the truth, instead of the numbers.

— Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Painting by Emily Crow.

Our Thanksgiving to You  

Many of us celebrate the harvest season and offer our gratitude to mother nature for granting us yet another year of abundance. Here at Khyentse Foundation, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our patrons and donors for their generosity in making possible another year of full-on dharma activities in many different parts of the world. We are truly grateful to everyone who volunteered their time and effort, gave generously, and sent us their best wishes. Rinpoche often reminds us that Arya Tara is KF’s guardian deity and protector. Thus we are thrilled to offer you this beautiful Tara painting by our dear friend Emily Yoshiko Crow. Rinpoche selected this Tara image from Emily’s rendition of the 21 Taras. With this gift, we wish you a very happy holiday season. May Tara’s blessings be with you and the Khyentse mandala always. Download a high-resolution image of Emily’s Tara painting here.

6, Tārā Victorious over the Three Worlds
Homage to her whom Indra, Agni, and Brahma,
Vāyu, Ishvara, and all the gods worship.
Elementals, gandharvas, and zombie-like demons,
All malevolent spirits give praise before her.
– 21 Praises to Exalted Tara


 The Three Musketeers  

The monthly donations Matching Fund Program began in the early 2000’s, when three sangha members, Florence Koh, Amy Lee, and Mazy Kwong, committed to matching monthly donations to KF, dollar for dollar, literally doubling donors’ offerings. The three ladies, our first three matching sponsors, were referred to as the Three Musketeers (although they prefer to call themselves the Three Blind Mice), because they have always held the view that together they can contribute so much more than they could separately. They are not only life-long friends and dharma buddies, they  have also been business partners for decades.


The Three Musketeers with Rinpoche at Sea to Sky Retreat Center, Canada, 1995

“In 2001, Khyentse Foundation was founded to realize Rinpoche’s vast vision through a structured, transparent system of patronage. I feel very fortunate, and it gives me boundless joy to be able to contribute to Rinpoche’s activities of propagating Buddhism,” said Florence, who served on the KF board of directors for many years and is now a dharma instructor appointed by Rinpoche.

Florence recounted that at a teaching in Hong Kong, Rinpoche explained that a bodhisattva’s work is without goal or ambition, so that the bodhisattva can be tireless. This sentiment was deeply moving to Florence. She recalled that, years later, when she was in charge of donations and was worried about how to raise sufficient funds to support KF’s wide range of activities, she took her concerns to Rinpoche. He replied, “If we have enough merit to tag onto the merit of buddhas and bodhisattvas, we will be able to fulfill our aspirations. If not, we shall do less and just practice.” Florence said, “Not only did that set my mind at ease, but also just struck me how consistent Rinpoche is, in exemplifying what he teaches.”

Amy, who serves on KF’s donor relations team, said, “KF was set up and organized by a group of very capable volunteers and students of Rinpoche. Their devotion is truly inspiring, and the quality of work is amazing. Thank you so much for making Rinpoche’s wishes come true!”

Mazy added, “Supporting Khyentse Foundation from the very first day has helped me accumulate some merit. Rinpoche’s aspiration and great vision is to follow in Buddha’s footsteps. He demonstrates the generosity of Lord Shakyamuni 2,500 years ago. He gave us the opportunity to participate in all different kinds of Buddha’s activities, which is what KF is doing now.”

The Three Musketeers recently with Rinpoche in Bhutan, 2019.

Patrons of Manjushri Program  

A few years after the Matching Funds Program was started, Khyentse Foundation invited more people to join the Three Musketeers and initiated the Patrons of Manjushri Program. These patrons, the matching fund sponsors, pledge an annual gift to ensure a flow of donation income to sustain and expand KF’s work. All recurring donations – monthly, quarterly, and annually – are matched dollar for dollar, which literally doubles their impact. If you would like to learn more about the program or become a Patron of Manjushri, please contact Cangioli Che, Jun Xie, or Christine Ng. 

KF’s Financial Backbone – Our Monthly Donors  

While we are deeply inspired by the Three Musketeers and all of our patrons, we are equally grateful to our monthly donors for their continuing support. We currently have about 1,200 monthly donors around the world. Their steady support enables KF to carry out its diverse activities, many of which are innovative and ongoing, aiming to create the favorable conditions for the Buddhadharma to flourish all over the world, for centuries to come. Sukha is one of the earliest monthly donors of KF and she would like to share some of her thoughts. 

“When this opportunity became available to participate and to support Rinpoche’s vast vision for Khyentse Foundation, it was an easy choice. It was and still is exciting to be able to create a pure connection by giving funds and dedicating the merit. What a blessing for all of us to have this ability to share and witness the growth of all these incredibly compassionate projects and virtuous activities.   


“I wholeheartedly believe, giving of oneself through time or financial support brings about inexhaustible merit and increases beneficial circumstances. Not only for Rinpoche to continue carrying out his vision without obstacles, but for each of us to practice supreme generosity. All the abundance of love we can give is tremendously vital.    

“Knowing that all of our sangha give of themselves already, my heartfelt wish is that each one of us can become monthly donors. How auspicious that would be. No matter our differences, near or far, with this simple act, we would be united in making offerings and aspirations together, strengthening the bond of our mandala.  

“There is a closing prayer in the Shower of Blessings text that I hold dear and would like to offer here.”  

Beginning with Kuntuzangpo and great Dorje Chang, down to my own kindest root Lama, whatever aspirations they have made to benefit beings, may I accomplish them all. 

We will share more donors’ stories in the future.
Please let us know what inspired you to become a monthly donor.
We would love to share your story with the KF community.
Send your stories to Jun Xie, KF’s communications lead.

Legacy Planning

Naming Khyentse Foundation in your estate planning is a wonderful way to provide future contributions to Rinpoche’s projects. Consider joining those who have included Khyentse Foundation in their planned giving, to help fulfill Rinpoche’s aspirations through KF activities, now and in the future.

 “I am including Khyentse Foundation in my legacy because of its firm commitment to establishing the Buddhadharma in the West. Khyentse Foundation has demonstrated genuine leadership in bridging the cultural gap between the East and West and provided sponsorship to a wide range of activities, benefiting numerous Buddhist practitioners.” —Deborah Lockwood, USA 

Depending on your country and its laws, there are various methods to include Khyentse Foundation as a beneficiary of your planned giving. It is strongly recommended that you seek professional advice on estate planning in your country to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the correct legal manner. If you need more information or would like to discuss your planned giving, please contact Cangioli Che, KF executive director. 

Khyentse Foundation is here because of its donors, for you and for future generations.

— Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche