As we celebrate our tenth year of supporting Buddhist study and practice around the world, Khyentse Foundation is looking to both the past and the future: what we have accomplished and how much more there is to be done. Rinpoche recently calculated that more than 10,000 people have directly benefited from KF patronage. Consider the students at the University of California at Berkeley who are now studying Buddhism with the Khyentse Chair professor. Consider all those seekers who find themselves at Deer Park. Consider the Theravadin monks and nuns who are earning their degrees, and then all those who will become their students. Rinpoche calls it a “multiplier effect”—like ripples in the ocean.

The best way we know to share with you this ocean of activity is our annual report. Everything is here. We hope you take the time to read it. We hope that it inspires you.

Download the Report