rinpoche_spiti_smallLast year’s annual report (for 2011) was a kaleido-scopic retrospective of Khyentse Foundation’s first 10 years. The report that you’re about to read is in some ways a “prospective,” describing the many new KF programs and activities that will bear fruit for years to come.KF’s programs and activities have been restructured into two main streams: Nurturing the Source, which includes monastic education, text preservation, revitalizing Buddhist traditions, and translation projects; and Training for the Future, which includes scholarships and awards, leadership and teacher training, Buddhist education, and academic development. Read about the ongoing developments in all of these areas.

Also new in 2012 is “In Manjushri’s Service,” KF’s innovative development program. The name reflects the close connection between Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, and the Khyentse lineage gurus. Find out the details in “Aspirations for the Future,” on page 18.

The 2012 KF Board of Directors’ meeting in Bodhgaya provided a wealth of information and striking photographs for this report. We hope you enjoy it and find it inspiring.

Download the 2012 Annual Report

A message from Rinpoche:

This is to remind ourselves: We have no other mission but to help and protect the Dharma, whatever lineage it is, not just the lineages in the Tibetan tradition but wherever it is, in different parts of the world, all the different traditions. And the vision and this mission, to help protect, generate, propagate, and strengthen the life and the force of the Buddhadharma, is something that we have to treasure, uphold, and remind ourselves of again and again.The great Longchenpa said, when the moon rises and when there is a clear lake, even though you may not wish it, the moon is reflected in the lake. Likewise, as long as sentient beings have merit, the image of the Buddha and his teachings and his blessing are reflected, even though you don’t search for them. But if the lake is murky and defiled and not clear, even though the moon is shining in the clear sky, the reflection of the moon doesn’t exist.Likewise, even though the compassion of the Buddha is infinite and ever-present, if there is no merit among  sentient beings for the Buddhas to reflect, then the chance of communication with the Buddha probably does not exist. However, judging not just from us, but from everything that is going on regarding the activity of the Dharma, I feel that we sentient beings still have a lot of merit.We have so many challenges. Outer challenges, yes, but more strongly we have inner challenges. We live in such a dynamic, powerful, materialistic world. And yet we still find practitioners, we still find people who are curious about what Buddha said, what Buddha did. And this alone is a big encouragement for us to continue to do what we are doing.

— Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, Chair, Khyentse Foundation Board of Directors