Every year we publish an annual report. Does that sound boring? It’s not! The facts can be fascinating, and this year we decided to make the report a yearbook, filled with images and information about Rinpoche’s activities, as well as the financial reports for the fiscal year 2013.

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche wrote the following special message to all of us who care about Khyentse Foundation. What wavelength do you want to be on? Download the complete PDF.

This annual report is a good opportunity to remind ourselves that we are not reporting our activities with any sense of pride or achievement, but rather to encourage ourselves and those on our wavelength to exert ourselves further. When we look at the decline and degeneration of the Buddhadharma from Burma to Sri Lanka and from Japan to Tibet, and at the burgeoning interest and inspiration emerging from

Tel Aviv to Oklahoma and from St. Petersburg to Chongqing, we clearly still have a lot to do. In fact, the very endlessness of our service to the dharma is our inspiration.

In this process, we’re bound to receive many suggestions and critiques of our work, which at times might put us on the defensive, especially at first glance. But we can learn to consider these as valuable contributions that can have a real impact on what we do. So let’s welcome these ideas with open arms.

Please wish us well as we aspire to serve endlessly.

– Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche