Recently, Rinpoche asked us to collect images of great patrons of Buddhism to create a gift for some of the patrons of Khyentse Foundation. In our search we were disappointed to find only a scant few images of the great King Ashoka. It got us thinking, and now we are happy to announce the Ashoka Portrait Project.

We invite the artists in the sangha to create portraits of King Ashoka and submit them to us for an online auction. We will collect digital copies of the artwork for the auction next year, and winning bidders will be sent the originals. All proceeds will go to support the activities of the Foundation. All visual media will be accepted. Artists will be responsible for mailing the portraits to the winning bidders.

Please submit a digital version of your Ashoka portrait by May 1, 2012.

How it Works:
1. Read about [intlink id=”430″ type=”post”]Ashoka[/intlink]
2. Create your portrait of Ashoka.
3. Send us a scan or photo of the piece including dimensions and weight.
4. Let us know if you are willing to cover shipping costs or if this will be part of the price of the piece. For logistical reasons, it would be much simpler if you kindly accept to cover this cost. Keeping to a moderate size is a good idea.
5. We will create an online gallery and let you know when it’s live and when the auction will begin.
6. Tell your friends.
7. Once the bidding is finished, we will send you the name and address of the winning bidder.
8. Send the piece to the bidder.
9. Rejoice!
For more information about King Ashoka, [intlink id=”430″ type=”post”]read the article[/intlink] about his path to becoming a patron of Buddhism.