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This year KF will dramatically increase its support of translation efforts by contributing to two translator training programs, one in Vienna and one in Nepal. The Program in Buddhist Translation Studies (BTS) at the University of Vienna’s Institute of South Asian, Tibetan, and Buddhist Studies aims to improve the training of translators involved in Buddhist canonical studies in general and in the 84000 Translation Project in particular. The department’s Professor Klaus-Dieter Mathes says, “With a high degree of synergy, a Program in Buddhist Translation Studies fits well in the BA and MA programs that already exist in Vienna.”

KF’s initial funding of 1 year for BTS will support translation skills seminars during the winter and spring for MA and PhD students, a summer seminar on Buddhist text translation into English, and joint seminars with UC Berkeley and the University of Hamburg. A full scholarship for a PhD student and funds to bring one khenpo to teach year-round are also included in the initial year of support.

Rangjung_Yeshe_Institute_LogoAdditionally, beginning in fall 2014, KF will fund the establishment of Rangjung Yeshe Institute’s MA program in Translation, Textual Interpretation and Philology. The MA program will augment the basic Tibetan language course of study, increase offerings in Sanskrit, and add more advanced language and translation methodologies to ensure that translation efforts into English are compatible with academic style and rigor. The new program will expose students to international experts and thus benefit their Buddhist study efforts. RYI’s goal is to create a program capable of educating working translators while at the same time contributing to the current shared knowledge base of all Buddhist translators. KF’s initial funding will support an additional faculty scholar for 2 years and one visiting scholar per year. RYI will match KF’s support to carry the additional costs of administrative support and infrastructure required to run the 2-year MA program.