The February issue of the Communiqué spotlights the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center, to which Khyentse Foundation has committed long-term support; an audio New Year address from Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche; a teaching from Thanissaro Bhikkhu and a special report from Bodhgaya.

As we enter the new year, Khyentse Foundation gratefully thanks all of our donors for your support during the past year.

Khyentse Foundation is never active in fundraising campaigns. We rely on our friends like you who are inspired by a genuine interest in the Foundation’s work.

To follow through with our current commitments and to realize Rinpoche’s vision for the next few years, we need to continue to raise an average of US$1.3 million a year. The monthly donations matching funds program provides 35% of that income, and we are so grateful to everyone who has joined. We hope you will continue to support the Foundation at whatever level is comfortable. Whether it’s $10 per month or $100, please know that your regular contribution, which is doubled through the generosity of our Matching Funds sponsors, makes a significant difference to the Foundation’s financial capability to carry out our mission.

The Foundation has become influential in many spheres of Buddhist activity around the world. It’s almost overwhelming for our patrons to keep abreast of all the projects, but if you read the Communiqué and browse through the KF website, you will grasp the powerful vision behind every aspect of the Foundation’s work.