In the December 2013 Khyentse Foundation thank you letter to donors, Rinpoche explained why KF is important to him. In turn, we asked our readers to tell us why KF is important to them and offered a special gift to the person who wrote the most moving response. We received  many responses, all so inspiring, but the one submitted by Deng Ming of mainland China really stood out. We will send Deng Ming a framed, high-quality print of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo’s thangka.

Many thanks to everyone who spent time contemplating the importance of supporting Buddhist patronage in the 21st century.

Here is Den Ming’s winning entry:


Why Is KF Important to Me?


With auspicious and wonderful dependent arising,
Meaningful and deeply ingrained karmic connection,
For the personal mandala to merge with the lineage mandala,
KF is a platform to actualize Buddha activities, an unsurpassed fields of merit
In service of Manjushri,
In service of the Guru,
In service of the Lineage.

It takes patronage and actual practice,
To support the Guru’s vast Buddha activities,
To continue the lineage and
To benefit future generations.
KF allows us to cultivate, with simplicity and efficiency,
An amazing field of merit with various big projects
Incomprehensible to others.


Just like internet connection through one computer
Allows us to view the whole world,
Drops of water in a mountain stream
Are able to merge with the ocean.

An operation with transparency, immediacy, and
Professional project management,
KF’s legitimacy enhances joy and confidence.
Most importantly KF is growing stronger, doing better, approaching perfection.


Catching up with the modern times
It is easy for others to share the merit
Using convenient online donation.


Allowing those not understanding dharma
An opportunity to understand the dharma more.

May all be auspicious!