In This Issue

This issue focuses on Khyentse Foundation’s accomplishments in the first five years, and on Rinpoche’s vision for the next five.

  • Khyentse Foundation as a Patron of Buddhism
  • Instead of Building Monasteries We Build People
  • Khyentse Foundation Sets Five-Year Goals
  • Guiding Principles
  • Five-Year Goals
  • Khyentse Foundation is trying to practice this kind of support system.
  • Pendant: The Ashoka Lion
  • Scholarships Become KF Top Priority
  • What Buddha Found
  • Khyentse Foundation News
  • KF Partners with KEAP to Support Theravadin Tradition in Cambodia
  • Rinpoche visits Berkley
  • Good News from Deer Park Institute 7
  • 2007 Teaching Schedule

The Kheyntse Foundation Winter 2006 Communiqué