In July, Khyentse Foundation awarded a special grant to the Mongolian Buddhist Revival Project of Kunzang Palyul Choling to print 1,000 copies of their translation into Mongolian of Patrul Rinpoche’s classic text, The Words of My Perfect Teacher.

Konchog Norbu, Gelong monk and In-Country Director of KPC’s Mongolian Buddhism Revival Project, wrote, “This is indeed an extraordinary day for the Mongolian people. Thank you so much for seeing fit to help us bring Patrul Rinpoche’s precious Kunzang Lamai Zhelung into its first-ever Mongolian translation. What great benefit this will bring.”

This translation is particularly important because during the decades after 1924, under the Communist regime, the practice of Buddhism was declared illegal. All but 3 of Mongolia’s more than 700 Buddhist monasteries were destroyed, the monks killed or sent to Siberian labor camps, and the irreplaceable dharma texts looted or destroyed.

According to Konchog Norbu, “Only after Mongolia’s peaceful democratic revolution in 1990 was religious freedom restored.” After 1990, the faithful that remained slowly began to revive their Buddhist culture. An important challenge for Mongolian Buddhists is reeducation of the population, and one strategy is to provide easily available translations of the Buddhist classics in contemporary language.

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