On October 25, 2005,Travellers & Magicians became available on DVD. The DVD has a number of special features, including luminous 16:9 transfer, enhanced for wide-screen television; Story from Bhutan: The Making of Travellers & Magicians; behind-the-scenes Himalayan location footage; and the theatrical trailer.

The film is in Dzongkha, the language of Bhutan, with English subtitles. To order your copy at a special rate of only $22.49 (25%off the listed retail price of $29.99),visit the KF Benefits Gallery at www.khyentsefoundation.org/bg.
In celebration of the release, Khyentse Foundation has lowered the price of the Travellers & Magicians coffee table book from $50 to $35.A package deal of DVD and book is offered at a special rate of $49.99(an $80 value). All proceeds benefit Khyentse Foundation.