Ivy Ang

Strategic Planning Consultant

Ivy Ang has been using her facilitation skills to help Khyentse Foundation with strategic planning since its early years, and she was instrumental in assisting the Foundation to set and achieve its first two five-year goals.

At the request of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Ivy facilitated the 5-day Translating the Words of the Buddha conference in March, 2009 in Bir, India. The conference culminated in the birth of the ambitious Buddhist Literary Heritage Project, with the 100-year goal of translating the words of the Buddha into several languages.

“When I was first asked to assist with Khyentse Foundation’s strategic planning in 2003, I had no idea what an amazing transformative journey it would be. Whatever small contribution I have made to KF over the years, it has returned a thousandfold. Working with Rinpoche’s mandala has been the single most inspirational and worthwhile experience in my entire life. It really is a rare glimpse of Indra’s net of jewels reflecting each other.”

In December 2009, at the invitation of Prime Minister Jigme Thinley of Bhutan, Ivy facilitated a 5-day education workshop in Thimpu to transform Bhutan’s educational curriculum to reflect their Gross National Happiness (GNH) principles. Expressing his appreciation, the prime minister said, “Kudos to our facilitator, Ivy Ang, who somehow magically and graciously opened up the space to allow that expression within an atmosphere of complete respect, safety, and warmth, while at the same time moving us firmly forward and never compromising the need for practical action and implementation. Striking such a balance is a magical skill.”

Ivy has more than 30 years of professional experience in international business and organizational development. She has also worked with many nonprofit organizations, including strategic planning for the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center. Ivy is founder and president of Visionlinc, a company dedicated to linking vision, people, and strategies.


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September 28, 2015

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