What We Do

Khyentse Foundation aims to foster the dharma and preserve and promote the Buddha’s teachings in as many ways as possible. We have identified several areas where we believe that our funds and support can make a difference. The focus of each area is loosely associated with one or more of the three lenses we use to approach our work: nurturing the source, training for the future, and embracing the present.

With Rinpoche’s guidance and direction, the foundation focuses on eight core activities.

There is so much information, so much education, so many things to read, and so many things you hear. So how we facilitate educating, teaching, and translating—that is going to be a forever, ongoing, evolving challenge.

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Core Activities

Grants & Scholarships

Supporting Buddhist study and practice is at the heart of Khyentse Foundation’s mission, and our grant and scholarship programs are the way we connect with the public and learn about new projects. We support a wide range of dharma studies, practice, and activities and there are several ways to apply. The foundation accepts applications from Buddhist teachers, students, scholars, translators, practitioners, and retreatants. In the nonsectarian spirit of the Khyentse lineage, our applicants are from all Buddhist traditions and all parts of the world.

Supported Initiatives

Although Khyentse Foundation’s primary goal is to offer support and encouragement for existing efforts that meet our mission to preserve and promote the dharma, occasionally we find it necessary to incubate projects ourselves. Under these special circumstances, we offer seed funding and human resources to get projects off the ground, nurture the initiative during its developmental stages, generate awareness, and assist in prelaunch activities as the project moves toward independence.