Nurturing the Source, Training for the Future



Providing support for traditional monastic institutions with support for health and well-being, basic needs, 21st Century leadership training, technology, and other innovative programs.

Lay Practitioners

Providing nonsectarian financial support for study, practice, retreats, education for children, and other creative Buddhist initiatives.


Partnering with universities to encourage excellence in Buddhist Studies.


Textural preservation and multilingual translation projects, awards, and scholarships.

Khyentse Foundation creates conditions for the study and practice of the Buddhadharma to flourish. Grants and scholarships are given through a process of applications, direct initiatives, and partnerships. Our support is nonsectarian and global, for institutions and individuals worldwide.

The criterion is simple: We support individuals and institutions engaged in the practice and study of Buddha’s wisdom and compassion. The foundation may fund a scholarship for a nun who wishes to become a translator, or an academic studying Buddhism for children. We may support a Theravadin monk who wishes to become a scholar or an artist from China studying restoration.  Our grants are made with the sincere wish that the Dharma will flourish in all its forms now and for a long time to come.

The foundation is primarily a funding organization. Only in rare instances does KF establish and manage a project from the ground up, such as 84000. To help augment our financial support, our team sometimes provides targeted management and organizational guidance to our beneficiaries.

We invite you to explore our archives, learn more about what we do, and contact us with any suggestions. We are always keen to discover more opportunities to support Dharmic activity.

Buddha’s Wisdom for Everyone.

Revitalizing Buddhist Traditions


In some countries today, the practice and study of Buddhism is threatened by political, economic, and social challenges. To help ensure the survival of all the great Buddhist lineages and schools, as well as the Buddhadharma in general, Khyentse Foundation is exploring opportunities to support Dharma study and practice in countries such as India, Cambodia, Bhutan, China, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mongolia, and Bangladesh, where there is an evident yearning for Buddhist teachings and a desire to revive traditional forms of Buddhism. LEARN MORE >