Tradition and Legacy

In some traditionally Buddhist countries, the presence of Buddhism is challenged by political, economic, and social issues. We aim to foster efforts in these countries to maintain and, in some cases, revitalize their cultural identities by supporting endeavors that inspire communities to embrace, celebrate, and foster their Buddhist heritage.

In countries where Buddhism has had a historic presence, we nurture traditional and regional Buddhism by investing in programs and projects such as ceremonies, educational enrichment programs, and infrastructure support for important pilgrimage sites.

The breadth and scope of Khyentse Foundation’s vision to support all living Buddhist traditions is remarkable and deserves great attention. May their mission extend far into all lands so that the precious teachings of the Dharma can reach all sentient beings.

Wangmo Dixey Executive Director, Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International

Mother India

The Indian subcontinent, where Buddha Shakyamuni was born, attained enlightenment, and taught for 45 years before passing into parinirvana, has long been known as the “mother country” of Buddhism. India nurtured Buddhist wisdom for centuries, producing some of the most brilliant minds and sophisticated philosophical treatises of that era. Buddhism soon spread and took hold in neighboring regions and beyond. Over time, due to a variety of reasons, Buddhism lost the visibility and popularity it once enjoyed, and today it is considered a minority religion in India. Khyentse Foundation invests in refamiliarizing the people of India with one of their most important national treasures, considered by many to be “India’s greatest export.”


In addition to India, other traditionally Buddhist countries are having difficulty in sustaining what remains of their Buddhist culture. With the wish to imbue their Buddhist identities with new life and energy, we partner with local and grassroots organizations that have established revitalization programs, and we support innovative ways to restore and renew Buddhist traditions in communities.

Acting Locally

Religious and secular activities that celebrate and deepen appreciation for the Buddha and his teachings are essential for keeping Buddhist communities Buddhist. By supporting festivals, chanting ceremonies, children’s education, and pujas of all kinds, we hope to ensure the continuation of such practices and also to encourage and inspire other communities to do the same.