Ashoka Grants

Many people are seeking ways to preserve and promote the Dharma and working to increase Dharma activity around the world in creative and long-lasting ways. For requests that fall outside the criteria for Buddhist Studies Scholarships, Individual Practice Grants, or other awards, Khyentse Foundation has created a fund for special project grants.

This program identifies and supports organizations and individuals working to increase Dharma activity around the world. Have you written a Buddhist story for children? Are you translating Buddhist texts into your local language? Do you have a proposal for research on a Buddhist topic? Tell us how your idea will help the dharma flourish.

The Ashoka Grants Committee considers applications from a broad array of organizations and individuals who are actively engaged in projects related to Buddhism. The foundation will not accept applications that are for building and construction projects, applications that are incomplete or that do not adequately explain the scope of the project, or applications that have no relevance to Buddhism or Buddhist activity. We are also not accepting applications for film projects at this time.



KF accepts Ashoka Grant applications twice a year, from January 15 – February 15 and from July 15 – August 15.


Applications are reviewed by the KF Ashoka Grants Committee.


Ashoka Grants are awarded based on the strength of the proposal, and the scope and needs of the project


August 2020 – Khyentse Foundation is in the process of moving to an online application platform. The online portal will be open to applicants in late Fall 2020. Thank you for your patience and if you have any questions, please contact