Venerable Wei Wu

Than Hsiang Temple / Foundation in Malaysia and International Buddhist College in Thailand

As an expression of our gratitude for Ven. Wei Wu’s unceasing work and his dedication and devotion to preserving and promoting the Buddha’s teachings and their applications in the world, Khyentse Foundation offers him an award of US$30,000.

In expressing his gratitude for the award, Ven. Wei Wu said, “I feel very honored and humbled to receive this fellowship from Khyentse Foundation. I share this honor with the members of Than Hsiang Temple/Foundation and International Buddhist College. They also rejoice in the great contribution of Khyentse Foundation for the promotion of buddhadharma.”

At a time when the entire world is going through all kinds of health, climate, economic, and political upheavals, we need bodhisattvas like Venerable Wei Wu more than ever before. We take this opportunity to officially acknowledge him for all his hard work, and we pray for his valuable efforts to continue and to flourish for the benefit of all sentient beings.