Auspicious Dates Calendar to Celebrate the Tibetan New Year

To celebrate the Year of the Water Rabbit, Siddhartha’s Intent and Khyentse Foundation present our fifth annual calendar to encourage you in your practice throughout the year. As well as the meaningful illustration by Rigzin Wangmo, the calendar features the auspicious dates of the Khyentse lineage masters and other significant dates.

The illustration was selected among submissions sent in by more than 85 professional and amateur artists, designers, and illustrators worldwide in an Open Call for Artwork on the theme “Homage to the Buddha.” Siddhartha’s Intent and Khyentse Foundation are deeply grateful for all the submissions.

Based on this year’s theme, Rigzin Wangmo’s digital design depicts the outer, inner, and secret Buddhas. The outer Buddha is represented by the hand gestures: abhaya mudra—the gesture of fearlessness, and varada mudra—the gesture of giving or compassion. “I think this is what people need right now,” the artist explains. The inner Buddha is conveyed by the objects swirling out continuously from the image in a clockwise direction, signifying that all phenomena are the Buddha’s manifestation, as well as the Buddha’s everlasting blessings. The secret Buddha is portrayed through the painting’s luminosity.

Starting with 12 languages in 2019, the calendar this year is offered in 29 languages (30 versions) through the collaboration of a truly international all-volunteer sangha: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Réunion Creole (newly added), Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Maltese, modern Mongolian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Tibetan, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. Many thanks to all the translators and volunteers for their efforts in preparing the calendar!

Download the calendar below.
Please follow the printing instructions.

The calendars are designed to be printed at A3 or 11 x 17.
Please note, files are large so the PDFs may be slow to load.

  1. Arabic
  2. Chinese, simplified | 11×17 or A3
  3. Chinese, traditional | 11×17 or A3
  4. Creole
  5. Danish
  6. Dutch
  7. English | 11×17 or A3
  8. Finnish
  9. French
  10. German
  11. Greek
  12. Hebrew
  13. Hindi
  14. Hungarian
  15. Italian
  16. Japanese
  17. Korean
  18. Maltese
  19. Mongolian
  20. Norwegian
  21. Polish
  22. Portuguese
  23. Russian
  24. Serbian
  25. Spanish | 11×17 or A3
  26. Swedish
  27. Tibetan
  28. Turkish
  29. Ukrainian
  30. Vietnamese