Blue Lion Preschool

Blue Lion Preschool was launched in 2020 as a registered childcare center for children ages 18 months to 6 years. Blue Lion’s mission is to awaken the seeds of Buddhist wisdom and values in young children. Articulating the innovative approach to Buddhist education as envisioned by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Blue Lion’s unique customized curriculum offers a daily bilingual (English and Chinese) learning environment that is aligned with progressive education research.

Inspired by Reggio Emilia schools and Waldorf theory, a considerable part of learning at Blue Lion takes place through language and visual arts. The children are encouraged to use their hands for both learning and creative expression, and the school uses and discusses the importance of environmentally friendly materials. With a strong focus on art, poetry, music, multicultural diversity, and the environment, children learn at a young age to love and take responsibility for their planet and their community.

With 30% of Singaporeans identifying as Buddhist, Blue Lion offers early education with a Buddhist lens that appeals to young families who value issues like sustainability, maker movements, process learning, Asian identity, and the arts. Blue Lion intends for its contemplative curriculum to serve as a model for early Buddhist education in Singapore and beyond.