May the Buddha appear in this world,

May the light of his teachings shine like the sun,

May the holders of his teachings live in harmony like brothers and sisters,

And thus all be auspicious for his teachings to endure!

Lay Practitioners

From a weekend meditation course to a 3-year retreat to a doctorate in Buddhist Studies, there are many opportunities for people outside of the monastic system to meet the authentic Dharma. But it’s often difficult to balance an inspiring practice with the ordinary demands of secular life. Many who aspire to attend teachings or undertake retreats are limited by lack of funds. Khyentse Foundation offers scholarships and grants to lay practitioners from all over the world to help ensure that the Buddhadharma is available to all who seek it. Assistance is awarded on merit and need, regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, or cultural background.

In addition to assisting practitioners and students, Khyentse Foundation is exploring ways to support Buddhist parents and teachers with resources to create the conditions for their children to live in accordance with the Dharma.

“Our world today seems be sinking into an age of extreme friction, an age of fanaticism, an age of extremism, an age of unreasonable greed. The only way to disentangle ourselves from the causes of all this aggression passion and ignorance, is to wake up to the Buddha’s wisdom.”