April 2017

In This Issue:
  • VIDEO: Rinpoche explains why he hosted the Tara puja for KF
  • VIDEO: Faces of the Tara Puja

See Rinpoche speak about the importance of Tara's patronage for the activities of Khyentse Foundation.
See the faces of the Tara puja with images from some of the sangha's brightest photographers.

4月12日时度母法会的圆满日,我们将在这一天直播法会并进行精彩的现场解说。 直播将于印度喜马偕尔邦省(Himachal Pradesh India)时间下午3点整开始。
  • 参加视频直播的团体可通过Zoom连线,共有45个团体席位共有45个席位。
  • 其他人可通过YouTube 收看
  • 中国地区的参加者可通过YY直播观看,房间号:73135281中国地区的观众可以通过YY 73135281软件下载

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The banner photo features one of the 21 Taras that Rinpoche had commissioned by Indian artist VV Sarpar.
Worldwide Broadcast of Rinpoche's 21-Day Tara Puja for Khyentse Foundation
On March 24, 2017, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche began a 21-day Tara puja to pay homage to Tara. Rinpoche personally offered this puja to thank Tara for her support of Khyentse Foundation and to supplicate her to continue to help the Dharma flourish. Since the foundation began in 2001, we have had 15 amazing years, and this is Rinpoche's way of recognizing the protection and guidance of Tara and all the buddhas and bodhisattvas.
On April 12, the final day of the Tara puja will be broadcast with live color commentary beginning at 3 PM Himachal Pradesh India time.
  • There are 45 spots available for groups to join via Zoom and be part of the visual mosaic.  
  • All others can tune in as viewers on YouTube.  
  • Viewers in China can join via YY 73135281
  • Or Zoom.
Faces of the Tara Puja
Faces and voices of the 2017 Tara Puja offered by Rinpoche for Khyentse Foundation 
"KF is today’s best example of patronage in the long history of Buddhadharma. It is an expression of concern and care for the Dharma by Rinpoche. We students are fortunate to have the incredibly rare opportunity to study the Dharma for a long time thanks to KF’s sustained support." — Sonam Jamtsho, DKCLI student, translator, leadership training graduate, and future KF scholar.  See more faces from the Tara puja in the slideshow.

The Tara Puja in Rinpoche's Words
“I and Khyentse Foundation decided specifically to supplicate to Tara for several reasons. One, KF has this aspiration to be a patron to practitioners and students of Buddhadharma and to assist those in whose mind and heart the Dharma is beginning to grow. And for that we need protection and guidance. Our courage should not wane, we should not lose our strength, and for that we need Tara's blessing. Also, wrong view is one of the most vicious obstacles of the 21st century, and I think this is going to be an ongoing problem, especially for the next generation. So in order for us and all sentient beings to be protected from wrong view, we planned to pray and do this grand Tara puja, which I'm very happy about.

“All the buddhas and bodhisattvas are in essence the same. Buddhas transcend all kinds of shape, color, form, and labels like gender. Likewise Tara comes in many manifestations. Tara is ultimately none other than the nature of your own mind. She is not really a he or a she or green or white. She doesn't necessarily have many hands or two hands. But since we are so deluded, we can only understand through references like numbers, colors, shape, tangible things, which is why we have Aryatara and the other 21 manifestations. These are the principle mandala of the puja we are doing this time.”
Every year we publish an annual report. Does that sound boring? It’s not! Stay tuned: May Focus will feature photos and articles on KF activities from 2016.
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