February 2018

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"The word 'education' seems to have lot of different connotations. It can be interpreted as somewhat negative, such as in-doctrination or brainwashing. But it also has the connotation of enlightenment, not the enlightenment that we Buddhists usually talk about, but enlightening from a state of lacking of knowledge to a state of knowing the truth. And that connotation, to me, is quite an important one. The word education seems to also have the connotation of culture, becoming more cultured. Now that is very important, because culture is a great tool, but at the same time, culture can be very misleading. And I think this is where the wisdom of the Buddha can be such a big help." —Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Malaysia, 2014
Listen to Rinpoche’s full teaching on Buddhist education for the modern society.

There has been an increase in people or groups misrepresenting themselves on the internet and social media as being Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche or official outlets for his organizations. To clarify any confusion created by these unofficial accounts, please see the 2018 Losar Message from the Khyentse Mandala for a list of the approved and authentic media outlets for Rinpoche and his mandala.

Rinpoche's Teaching Schedule 
Berlin, Germany: 
Vajrayana Buddhism in the Modern World The Challenges of Maintaining an Authentic Tradition
25 February 2018
Roqueredonde, France: Vajrayana Buddhism in the West The Challenges and Misunderstandings of Our Times
28 February 2018
Dordogne, France: TBA
3 March 2018
Paris, France: TBA
8 March 2018
London, U.K.: 
10 - 11 March 2018
Bir, India: Hinamudra
25 - 28 March 2018
A teaching on the theory and practice of Buddhism for lethargic, indulgent, lazy, depressed, and spaced out couch potatoes, for obsessive blue-collar and white-collar busy-bees feeding an army of family members, for those who eat meat, drink alcohol, have all kinds of kinky fantasies, and just keep going to teachings but never practice—but who nevertheless have fervent devotion toward wisdom, the Buddha, and the path of Buddhism—from one who is seasoned and experienced in all the above forms, knows them well, and lives with them all the time.

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 Review the list of the approved and authentic media outlets for Rinpoche and his mandala
 KF in 108 Seconds: Ordination for Cambodian Teens
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Middle Way: Two New Independent Organizations to Promote Buddhist Education 
Launching a Global Networking Site and Pioneering a Buddhist School for Children 

We are pleased to announce the launch of Middle Way Education (MWE), a new independent not-for-profit organization supported by Khyentse Foundation, and inspired by Rinpoche's vision for Buddhist education for children. MWE's primary mission is to establish a new model of education based on the Buddha's view of wisdom and compassion. More than curriculum development or lesson planning, the goal of MWE is to create an entire system of education, from teacher training to materials development and methodology. This is a massive undertaking that draws on the efforts of numerous schools and projects around the world.
A Global Education Hub
There are many Buddhist educators all over the world, but few opportunities for them to share resources, communicate, and learn from each other. To help bridge this gap, MWE is launching a website that offers a space for educators, parents, organizations, and anyone inspired by the MWE vision to share their knowledge, wisdom, and experience. will be a hub where users can both access and offer lesson plans, teachings, articles, and other materials. “After many months of research, planning, networking, and design, we are really happy with how this site looks and functions," says Claire Zimmerman, the site's manager. "We are currently in the soft-launch phase, meaning that we have invited a few core contributors, such as the Rubin Museum, Panyaden International School, and the Zen Mountain Monastery, to upload resources. Now we need to beta test to make sure we have the best possible user experience." If you would like to volunteer to test the site, please email ClaireIn mid-March the site will be opened for general use. 
Web designer Maya van der Meer has spent more than a year developing the site and creating a beautiful, easy to navigate experience for users. She explained the impact of by saying, "Like many Buddhist parents and educators, I’ve wished for a site like this for years. It’s thrilling that we are almost ready to launch it. Our aim was to create a platform that will serve to inspire fresh ways to connect, collaborate, and explore what the Buddha discovered through the eyes of a child."

The new Middle Way Education homepage.
A School in Upstate New York 
Parents interested in an innovative contemporary education and who welcome the influence of Buddhist philosophy and practice will have a new option for schooling their children starting this year. Educational model development can be theoretical only up to a point; the majority of this work must be developed in a classroom environment. Therefore, MWE is supporting the launch of The Middle Way School of the Hudson Valley, an independently operated pilot school in upstate New York, which will be a laboratory for creating a truly Buddhist education for children. With Rinpoche's blessings and guidance and the guidance of many scholars, educators, and Buddhist masters from all three yanas, the Middle Way School is set to open in September 2018.
The school's application to operate is currently being reviewed by the New York State Education Department, and if all the causes and conditions remain favorable, classes will begin in September for mixed-age kindergarten and grades 1 and 2. A series of open houses and parent nights will be held throughout the first few months of 2018. Prospective families are encouraged to visit the MWS website for details and dates.
Years of research have gone into preparing the Middle Way model, and the initial concept has received blessings from lamas from all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, including H.H. the 17th Karmapa and H.H. the 41st Sakya Trizin, as well as masters from other traditions. A draft framework of the Middle Way developmental model, based on Buddhist teachings and informed by modern neuroscience, has been approved, and curriculum development is under way. Materials will eventually be available on the MWE website. This is just the beginning of a long journey.
"We are trying to prepare and train some of the next generation of human beings through Buddhist values and Buddha's teaching of love, compassion, and wisdom. We are also hoping that through training the next generation of Buddhists, the authentic Buddhadharma can continue to flourish and that knowledgeable practitioners of the dharma will carry on the lineage through their love and support, and study and practice of the teachings. So we are developing a model of education." —Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche
The building that will house Middle Way School in Saugerties, NY. 
First Person: Noa Jones 
Exiting KF Communications Director Takes On
Education Initiative

 Photo of Noa, Rinpoche's cow in Bir.
By Noa Jones
A few years ago, Rinpoche's cow, named Cangioli, gave birth in the pasture of Grantha Griha in Bir. Rinpoche named the calf Noa. Cangioli (KF's executive director, not the cow) sent me a photo saying something to the effect that I am like a daughter to her in this life. I am so honored to have worked with her so closely over these past 17 years.
Now that I am stepping down from my role as communications director of Khyentse Foundation, there are a few things I'd like to express...
Translation Studies Scholarship 
Window for Applications Is Open Through March 1 

Khyentse Foundation Translation Studies Scholarships, now in their fifth year, support students in advanced degree programs in translation studies and Buddhist philosophy with the express purpose of training Dharma translators for the future. The application window is open through March 1. 
People who fulfill the following requirements are eligible to apply: 
  • Students who are enrolled in a program of translation studies or Buddhist philosophy and are on track to become translators or are currently working as translators. 
  • Candidates must already have some translation experience and be enrolled in an advanced degree program (MA, PhD, or MPhil).
  • Student translators who do not fulfill these criteria are welcome to apply to the Ashoka Grants or Buddhist Study Scholarship program.
 Next month stay tuned for a recap of KF's most recent awardees.
Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche's advice to educators
Meditation camp for Bhutanese teachers
Inspiration for the curriculum of The Siddhartha School
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