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First Person: Noa Jones

A few years ago, Rinpoche's cow, named Cangioli, gave birth in the pasture of Grantha Griha in Bir. Rinpoche named the calf Noa. Cangioli (KF's executive director, not the cow) sent me a photo saying something to the effect that I am like a daughter to her in this...

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Rinpoche’s Mandala of Organizations

There has been an increase in people and groups misrepresenting themselves on the internet and social media as being Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche or official outlets for his organizations. To clarify any confusion created by these unofficial accounts, we are sharing a...

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The Story of KF now in Polish

Z przyjemnością prezentujemy film animowany o Fundacji Khyentse w polskiej wersji językowej. Animacje: Marion Dupas. Tłumacz i lektor: Alicja Zmigrodzka. Z podziękowaniami dla Louisa Francka. We are happy to present the animated film The KF Story in Polish. Animation:...

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The Nuns of Pema Choling Shedra

Pema Choling Shedra, recipient of a 2017 Ashoka Grant, provides basic and higher education in Buddhist philosophy for nuns. The first Buddhist College for women in Bhutan, the Shedra was established in the Bumthang region in 2001 to increase opportunities for...

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A Day of Offering

  Every year, Bhutanese make offerings on the first day of the twelfth month to mark the first day of the Bhutanese New Year or "Little Losar". This year, January 17 is the traditional day of offering in Bhutan. It is also the occasion for Bhutanese to show their...

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KF Annual Reports

2016 Annual Report

CELEBRATING 15 YEARS OF DHARMA ACTIVITY 2001-2016 in Words and Images It’s been 15 years since a small group of students—determined to help relieve Rinpoche of his financial responsibilities for the support of his monasteries in China, India, and Bhutan—helped start...

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2015 Annual Report

The 2015 annual report is streamlined, with fewer pages, highlighting a few individuals and projects.

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2014 Annual Report

As Khyentse Foundation enters its 14th year of operation, we are constantly looking for new and more effective ways to fulfill Rinpoche’s all-embracing vision to ensure the longevity of the Buddhadharma.

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FOCUS: Supporting Buddhist Education for Children

In the February Focus, we are pleased to introduce Middle Way Education (MWE), a new independent not-for-profit organization supported by Khyentse Foundation, and inspired by Rinpoche's vision for Buddhist education for children. The launch of MWE features two...

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Focus: Increasing Support for Nuns

The January Focus features a new video and two stories about the impact that Khyentse Foundation is having on nuns in Bhutan and young women in Cambodia. Read the entire January 2018 Focus...

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FOCUS: Sangha – The Heart of KF

2017 has been an amazing year, and KF is maturing into something bigger than we had ever dared to imagine. It's safe to say that 2017 has been one of the most extraordinary in KF history. The outstanding support of our sponsors and volunteers enabled the foundation to...

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Great Patron Series

In 2002, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche began identifying some of the great patrons of Buddhism, from Shakyamuni’s own patron, Sudatta Anathapindika to the warlord king Ashoka. Without these patrons, Buddhism would have had little chance to flourish. In every Khyentse Foundation Communique, Rinpoche shares the life story of one of these inspiring patrons.