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Lighting the Mahabodhi | Realizing the Dream

A half-year report from Bodhgaya On March 26 of this year, Siddhartha's Intent India and Khyentse Foundation officially launched the Lighting the Mahabodhi project, the website went live, and fund raising begun. What has happened in the 6 months since then...

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2019 Outstanding Translation

Khyentse Foundation Prize for Outstanding Buddhist Translation Awarded Dr. Karl Brunnhölzl Wins Prize for First Translation of a Text on the Yogācāra School of Mahāyāna Buddhism Dr. Karl Brunnhölzl received the 2019 Khyentse Foundation Prize for...

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15th IATS Seminar Report

Report by Nisheeta Jagtiani, July 2019 This year marked the 15th seminar of the International Association of Tibetan Studies (IATS). On the first evening of the seminar, Khyentse Foundation awarded prizes for outstanding dissertation and translation in 2019. Cécile...

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An Excerpt From the 2019 Outstanding Translation

Below is an excerpt from Karl Brunnhölzl's A Compendium of the Mahāyāna: Asaṅga's Mahāyānasaṃgraha and Its Indian and Tibetan Commentaries, winner of the 2019 KF Outstanding Translation Award. In contrast to the typical Madhyamaka reluctance to speak about the...

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IATS Seminar: On The Ground

Report by Zack Beer, July 2019 The 15th IATS seminar in Paris July 2019 was a fun-filled weeklong reunion of several hundred scholars involved in studies of all things Tibetan, impeccably timed during a comfortable gap between two record-breaking French heatwaves....

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KF Annual Reports

Annual Report 2018

The widening scope and growing complexity of KF activities over the years make it increasingly challenging to cover all of our projects in meaningful detail in our annual report.   Starting this year, the annual report will concentrate on one of KF’s eight focus areas...

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2017 Annual Report

KF ANNUAL REPORT | CELEBRATING PURPOSE AND GROWTH In a World of Change, KF's Fundamental Purpose Remains the Same Long before there was a Khyentse Foundation, Rinpoche had a vision. The foundation exists to help him realize it. As he said in his address to the KF...

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2016 Annual Report

CELEBRATING 15 YEARS OF DHARMA ACTIVITY 2001-2016 in Words and Images It’s been 15 years since a small group of students—determined to help relieve Rinpoche of his financial responsibilities for the support of his monasteries in China, India, and Bhutan—helped start...

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November FOCUS: KF-India’s Reviving Activities

This month's Focus features the work of KF-India. KF is making special efforts to revive the Buddhist heritage in India, the source of the great river of Buddhism—the place where Shakyamuni Buddha was born, achieved enlightenment, and taught for 45 years before...

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Great Patron Series

In 2002, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche began identifying some of the great patrons of Buddhism, from Shakyamuni’s own patron, Sudatta Anathapindika to the warlord king Ashoka. Without these patrons, Buddhism would have had little chance to flourish. In every Khyentse Foundation Communique, Rinpoche shares the life story of one of these inspiring patrons.