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Important Deadlines for Grant Applications 2017

Khyentse Foundation Buddhist Studies Scholarships are grants to support individuals who wish to study the Dharma. KF accepts applications from teachers, students, practitioners, scholars, and translators from all traditions, schools, and sects of Buddhism. Khyentse... read more

A New Year Message from Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

December 2016 As the year 2016 is about to end and 2017 is looming, as the monkey year is about to fade and the rooster is about to crow, I wish to offer my gratitude and appreciation to all the KF supporters, those who volunteered, and those who wished us well. It is... read more

KF Annual Reports

2015 Annual Report

The 2015 annual report is streamlined, with fewer pages, highlighting a few individuals and projects.

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2014 Annual Report

As Khyentse Foundation enters its 14th year of operation, we are constantly looking for new and more effective ways to fulfill Rinpoche’s all-embracing vision to ensure the longevity of the Buddhadharma.

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2013 Annual Report

Every year we publish an annual report. Does that sound boring? It’s not! The facts can be fascinating, and this year we decided to make the report a yearbook, filled with images and information about Rinpoche’s activities…

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FOCUS: A Buddhist Camp for Children

Khyentse Foundation Hosts a Dharma Camp for Children Khyentse Foundation coordinated and fully sponsored a Dharma camp for the children of students attending a program in October as part of our research into Buddhist education for the next generation. Rinpoche made it... read more

FOCUS: Presenting the New Animated Story of KF

In this issue: Khyentse Foundation Turns Fifteen To mark the occasion of Khyentse Foundation’s 15 year anniversary, we commissioned French animator Marion Dupas to create this short introduction to the story of the foundation. Rinpoche’s latest book, The... read more

Great Patron Series

In 2002, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche began identifying some of the great patrons of Buddhism, from Shakyamuni’s own patron, Sudatta Anathapindika to the warlord king Ashoka. Without these patrons, Buddhism would have had little chance to flourish. In every Khyentse Foundation Communique, Rinpoche shares the life story of one of these inspiring patrons.