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November FOCUS: KF-India’s Reviving Activities

This month's Focus features the work of KF-India. KF is making special efforts to revive the Buddhist heritage in India, the source of the great river of Buddhism—the place where Shakyamuni Buddha was born, achieved enlightenment, and taught for 45 years before...

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Message from Rinpoche: Bodhgaya 2018

To all concerned, As you know, we are about to spend some precious time in Bodhgaya. I trust all those coming will make the most of this opportunity in our most sacred site. This is just a short notice to remind you that some people may claim to be raising funds for...

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A Billboard at the Kathmandu Airport

It is traditional to organize life release practices for the longevity of the Guru. So, on the eve of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s birthday this year, he requested some Asian sangha members to allocate half the proceeds of a life release to a billboard in the...

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November in Bodhgaya, India: Events and Information

Mark your calendar! We are delighted to share with you the many events that are taking place in Bodhgaya, India next month, as Buddhists from around the world gather at this holy site to remember Buddha and his precious teachings. Nov 6-15 - Dzongsar Monlam Organized...

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Pioneering a Hundred-Year Mission

Photo: Tibetan Canon Pecha Printed by Wooden Carving Block by Yuan Ren To read the Buddha’s words in one’s own language is the wish of most every Buddhist practitioner. Therefore, it is said that translating sutras and shastras generates a great deal of merit. In...

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KF Annual Reports

2017 Annual Report

KF ANNUAL REPORT | CELEBRATING PURPOSE AND GROWTH In a World of Change, KF's Fundamental Purpose Remains the Same Long before there was a Khyentse Foundation, Rinpoche had a vision. The foundation exists to help him realize it. As he said in his address to the KF...

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2016 Annual Report

CELEBRATING 15 YEARS OF DHARMA ACTIVITY 2001-2016 in Words and Images It’s been 15 years since a small group of students—determined to help relieve Rinpoche of his financial responsibilities for the support of his monasteries in China, India, and Bhutan—helped start...

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2015 Annual Report

The 2015 annual report is streamlined, with fewer pages, highlighting a few individuals and projects.

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June Focus

KF is happy to announce a new Khyentse chair at the University of Michigan: the Khyentse Gendun Chopel Professorship. This is the largest gift dedicated to the study of Tibetan Buddhism in North America. “As citizens of a world that is ever shifting, changing and even...

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FOCUS: April 2018

April Focus | Prize for 2018 Outstanding Translation Awarded KF Prize for Outstanding Translation is an award for excellence in translation from the main classical languages of Buddhism into English from any Buddhist tradition. This year the award goes to Dr. Andy...

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Great Patron Series

In 2002, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche began identifying some of the great patrons of Buddhism, from Shakyamuni’s own patron, Sudatta Anathapindika to the warlord king Ashoka. Without these patrons, Buddhism would have had little chance to flourish. In every Khyentse Foundation Communique, Rinpoche shares the life story of one of these inspiring patrons.