Bodhi Kids Children's Day participant with her turtle art after learning the story of precious human birth. See the lesson plan.

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Did you read the KF Yearbook that was sent out earlier this month?
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"This Yearbook is very special. It tells us not only the achievement of the KF in 2013, but also the passion, devotion, and sincerity of the people of KF. They are truly shouldering Buddha’s work." — Yi, KF Reader.

KF Recommends
Sally Devorsine will be heading to Bir to help with Rinpoche's experimental school there. She is the author of the Now I Know series of children’s books, popular with Buddhist parents. Sally spent more than 10 years tutoring young Bhutanese, Tibetan, and Nepalese tulkus and monks. The Now I Know series is based on the teachings of Geshe Langri Thangpa, a Buddhist master who lived almost a thousand years ago and whose wisdom has been cherished throughout the ages. 
Cultivating the Conditions for the Next Generation of Buddhist Practitioners
Whether you are a first-generation Buddhist or come from a family of Buddhist practitioners, the favorable conditions had to be there for you to realize your connection to the dharma. Khyentse Foundation is seeking out education projects that help children and youth make that connection and that provide materials for schoolteachers and parents to impart the Buddha's message of wisdom and compassion. Recently in Brazil, Rinpoche gave a blessing to the children, remarking, "As Buddhists we are supposed to live in the moment, but we must also plan for the future."

Photo: Manuela Chantra Shuri de Borba Vieira Cortina's first protection cord, Khadro Ling, Brazil. 

KF Grant Awards for Education Initiatives
KF grants were recently awarded to two applicants, Bodhi Kids and the Foundation for Cultural Exchange with the Far East.

Bodhi Kids
Even before having children, Maya Van Der Meer was concerned with questions about raising children in the dharma. She wondered how the wisdom of the Buddha can permeate western culture and be sustained through the next generations. And how can parents be supported in continuing their practice while bringing mindfulness and compassion into their family life?

Over the past 3 years, Maya has worked to connect youth to dharma. She is interested in connecting Buddhist centers that represent different lineages and traditions, pooling teaching resources to provide education options for children. Her aim is to offer frequent, in-depth educational programs that will be documented and made available online. So far four Buddhist organizations representing different lineages are working together in innovative ways through the Bodhi Kids network.

"Currently, we are in the fast-moving development stages of starting a Sunday school where children 8+ learn the basics of Buddhism (common to all schools) in 10-week units," said Maya. "We have three dedicated team members and two excellent dharma teachers committed to teaching, less than a week after putting the program in motion! These classes will be held in upstate New York starting in September, 2014.

"Thanks to the grant from Khyentse Foundation, with the purchase of dedicated AV equipment and an online e-learning database plugin, I will be able to document all these lessons and eventually make them available free of charge on our website. Additionally, I intend to film teachings and interviews from great masters specifically about parenting and educating youth in dharma. The first teaching made possible by the KF grant is now available on our YouTube channel: 

"To enhance these multimedia teaching tools, I seek to produce animations of sutras and Jataka tales. If you are an animator who would be interested in lending your talents to this project in service, please contact me at [email protected]

“Also, I would like to invite volunteer translators to the project to add subtitles directly to the closed caption feature of the YouTube video and to translate online courses.

“This is a rapidly expanding project that I do in my spare time from a full-time job and being a simple Buddhist mom. If you would like to help support this project in any capacity, please contact [email protected]

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Photos: Banner: Lama Karma and participants at the Bodhi Kids Children's Day, Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, Woodstock, NY.  Above, Maya Van Der Meer and her son Ashoka. Below, Dharma books for kids in Polish.
Translation of Buddhist Childrens 
Books into Polish
The Foundation for Cultural Exchange with the Far East, founded in Poland in 2002, received a US$3,500 grant to begin publishing a series of five high-quality children’s books on Buddhism. The books will be based on A-Z Code of Masters by Fa Gu Shan Publishing House (Taiwan). Coordinator Robert Baczyk is an experienced translator of Zen Buddhist texts, with 16 published titles to his name, including works of Bodhidharma, Linji, Mazu, Zhaozhou, and others. "The first book has just been published," says Robert, "and we are extremely happy that we managed to get the job done." The first printing was a high-quality edition of 700 copies with color illustrations on every page. "We are determined to continue with the series of five books in total, with the revenues from the first book and possibly other financial sources," says Robert. "We are very grateful for the support Khyentse Foundation provided. Thank you very much!"

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